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With Love and Warmth! The Portland Nutrition Co. Team


The Portland Nutrition Co. is built on trust, quality, and transparency.  We trade empty promises backed by slick marketing for professional-grade products that really work (in fact, we started off selling our stuff to doctors).

We’re obsessive about quality. Our products are natural, clinically studied, third-party tested for purity, and formulated so they actually get where they need to go in your body.

Our mission is to give you the products and information you need to take control of your health, without the deception that’s so common in the supplement industry. We are actual clinicians and health enthusiasts who always work with YOU in mind.   We welcome feedback, questions, and people-connection! We’re always happy to chat so feel free to reach out to us anytime. Here’s to good health! Here's to an empowered You!

With gratitude,

The Portland Nutrition Co. Team