Why You Should Be Avoiding Grains

While many of us were raised to believe that grains were a part of a healthy diet, we’ve now learned that grains are to blame for some big health issues.

Once upon a time, it would take hours of pounding or soaking grains to make them palatable and digestible. Grains were a big commitment, and eaten sparingly. Today, grains are so prevalent in our society that the constant presence of them in our diet is making us ill.

What changed?

The mill. And, as our milling technologies increased, the amount of nutrients in milled grains decreased.

This, combined with advances in crop hybridization and genetic modification, has created grains supercharged in compounds that humans were never meant to eat, and void of nutrients.

The modern grain is causing all kinds of health complications.


The number one concern with eating grains is inflammation. Inflammation is our body’s natural defense response when it’s under attack. Very beneficial when you cut your finger or bump your head. But, triggering that response internally — constantly — wrecks havoc in our bodies, leaving them under constant attack. Even worse, when a real threat, like a cold, does come our immune response is so worn out that it struggles to muster to the fight.

Inflammation can happen anywhere in our bodies, and cause a host of complications. Headaches, fatigue, stomach aches, allergies, skin issues, joint pain… If your diet is high in grains, it’s likely you have experienced some of these symptoms.

For people living with an autoimmune disease (think rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, and lupus) inflammation is a very serious issue. Many people suffering from an autoimmune disease have had remarkable improvements from eliminating grains from their lives.


Gluten containing grains, such as wheat, rye, barley, are very high in fructans. This is a compound that is highly fermentable. Great for making whiskey, scotch, and beer. But, not great for our digestions. Fermentation in our guts causes more than just a little extra gas. Too much and suddenly we are living with constant bloating, diarrhea, fatigue, constipation.

This is especially true for anyone living with a digestive disorder, like inflammatory bowel disease or colitis. Reducing fermentation in your gut makes the difference between thriving and hospitalization.

Leaky Gut

Leaky gut syndrome is exactly as it sounds, holes in the intestine. These holes let undigested food and bacteria leave the intestines and enter the bloodstream. This waste traveling around our bodies leads to further inflammation and illness. The main causes of leaky gut syndrome are gluten and an overgrowth of candida yeast.

Speak to your health care provider for any concerns.

The Good News

Inflammation, gut discomfort, and leaky gut syndrome can all be reversed by removing grains from your diet and maintaining a diet that’s nutrient dense from non-grain sources. Going grainless is going to make you feel great!

However, grain-based products are everywhere in our society, and if you are serious about avoiding them, it’s best to be prepared. Bring your own snacks to gatherings, and think of it as an opportunity to show off how delicious grainless food can be. Sometimes you might feel like the elephant in the room when you are the only one at the office party not eating the appetizers, but be happy in the knowledge that you are replacing an unhealthy grain and feeding your body nutrient dense foods.

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